31 March 2011

nice place ... i guess ...

Do you frequent apartment therapy?  It's a good regular stop if you're interested in interiors - not always gold, and with an American flavour (or is that flavor ... not sure, it's cheesy either way) more often than not - but a fun regular browse.

This place was a bit of a recent standout for us.  A rented warehouse loft in LA, inhabited by proper cool folk - we'd evict 'em and move in in a trice. 

If you like the look, make sure you click the 'enter tour' link for a gallery of 30+ photos of the place. 

On a serious note, though ... their lounge (photo below - LigneRoset "Togo") - if you have one of these sofas that you need removed from your loungeroom, please get in touch.  Cath's on a mission to find one ... sadly, they don't seem to grow on trees and nobody's left any on the nature-strip for us.

One would be fine, but if you have more, we'll make room in the van.  You won't even have to help carry it out!


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