21 December 2011

ancient modern

Dunno how we haven't come across these before - about the most beautiful bottle opener in the world ... Nambu Tekki crows.

Nambu cast iron dates from mid 17th century Japan. Originally the technique was used to create ceremonial iron teapots, but is now a well established craft, with the black color the result of a rust resistant urushi glaze.

Can't find them for sale here (again!) - but love them enough to be considering an online purchase, if it comes to that.  They sell 'em at Mjölk ... hmmmmm.

16 December 2011

vintage home office

Sadly they don't ship to Australia, but US retailer Restoration Hardware have come out with some really nice looking vintage themed leather office furniture we really like ...
Or for the traveller - perfect for that 10-week steamer trip to Europe ...
And to accessorize -

Good, old-fashioned, hand-tooled leather fun.

15 December 2011

sofa alternative

Totally forgotten where we saw these, but would love some for 'round the house.

voyeuristic fun

We always enjoy a bit of a browse thru apartment therapy - great website, with never-ending inspiration and ideas (interiors and lifestyle-wise).  They post regular 'house-tours', some really nice, others ... well, other.  This one, posted from LA a couple of days ago, is right up our alley.

Fella named Mark who bought his 50's house and became only it's second owner.  He has been very strict about keeping it totally original, and it has paid off magnificently.  There are 20 or so photos on the house tour - you should take a look!