23 December 2009

Let's get over to Hamburg!

Just been checking out this amazing shop in Hamburg, Germany ... imagining that one day we'll get Know Your Product looking this amazing.

The store's called 'Wohnkultur66' - and is run by a couple named Martina and Manfred - and specializes in Scandinavian mid-century furniture.  They stock a nice mix of pieces from some of our favorite designers - Wanscher, Juhl et al - and their display is nice if you're into that kind of thing.  We most certainly are.

We first came across them earlier this year when their home was featured on the apartmenttherapy site ... just nice all 'round!

Take a look if you have a few spare minutes - beautiful place in a nice setting.  Though I suspect they suffer the same problem we have where friends come to visit and often note that our house is just like our shop, but with a tv ...

... tis the season ...

What with all the decking of halls we've been doing (not to mention the comfort and joy one is constantly tiding this time of year), we almost forgot that it's all a big buildup to the 25th.
It's all kind of a retail festival as much as anything else these days ... but we like to think that there's a little more to it.  Please try - be nice to somebody in the carpark of the mall, tip your waitress, take your shoes off before you kick the dog ... niceness begins at home.
Thanks for visiting us and entertaining us thru the year - have a safe break! 

16 December 2009

reptiles again?!??!

Always thought we'd be sharing our love of mid century design on our blog ...
We went down to Morwell see a lady about a sideboard on Monday ... the sideboard's lovely, and has enjoyed a touch of restoration and is on the floor at PRODUCT now.

But the real action came when she asked if we could help out with a lizard problem she was having.  She had spotted a blue-tongue in a tea-chest of old magazines in her shed a week ago, and was too scared to go back into the shed since.

Turns out that blue-tongues move kind of fast when they see a hand coming towards them, so decided to carry the whole box across the road to a bushier spot and our scaly friend was soon off to terrorize some non-humans.

Oh ... if you need to be reminded why we have sent all the politicians off to Copenhagen this week, we recommend a trip down to south-east Victoria ... the views ...

can't hide from nature ...

As much as unexpected visits from creepy crawlies 'round the house can be mixed blessings (I feel a bit tense and bummed every time I see a hairy spider on the ceiling - the prospect of relocation is never fun), it's great when you get a fun one.

Seriously, this little mantis was under 1cm long - proper thumbnail size - and spent the evening relaxing on our knife rack.  We moved him out to the chilli plants on the patio and he seems to have settled well.
Nice to know that the critters are doing their thing all around us ... just gotta keep a lid on the surface sprays!