16 December 2009

reptiles again?!??!

Always thought we'd be sharing our love of mid century design on our blog ...
We went down to Morwell see a lady about a sideboard on Monday ... the sideboard's lovely, and has enjoyed a touch of restoration and is on the floor at PRODUCT now.

But the real action came when she asked if we could help out with a lizard problem she was having.  She had spotted a blue-tongue in a tea-chest of old magazines in her shed a week ago, and was too scared to go back into the shed since.

Turns out that blue-tongues move kind of fast when they see a hand coming towards them, so decided to carry the whole box across the road to a bushier spot and our scaly friend was soon off to terrorize some non-humans.

Oh ... if you need to be reminded why we have sent all the politicians off to Copenhagen this week, we recommend a trip down to south-east Victoria ... the views ...

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