28 July 2013

We have a few different kinds of wattle at the farm and the very first ones to pop this year are the lovely Golden Wattle ( our national flower don't you know ), or for those with a 'botanist bent', Acacia Pycnantha Benth.

I just found a nice little bit of information as to why we call Acacias, Wattles. 

'The common name, wattle, is derived from an Anglo-Saxon building technique. Wattles were flexible twigs or small branches interwoven to form the framework of buildings. This style of building was introduced to Australia by early British settlers and species of Acacia were used as wattles'.
So there you go.

The Golden Wattle has the softest and sweetest flower balls - to me they smell like biscuits.
and, it really is the only way I'll accept that yellow and green colour combo - as nature intended.

 I'll post more, as more start blooming. 
happy sunday :)