21 October 2009


Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn (r.i.p.) - via edificial ...

we sold the mini version of that ryamatta rug on Sunday ... nice ...

modern, warm, and fake-tree!  that's about all anybody needs in a bar ...
architecture by Isoha Ghini - pic via 'behind the curtains' ...

inner peace

While we're complaining about how good life could be with a little less clutter ... a touch of Swedish Modern decorating ...

You may have your own opinion, but we think that these sofas look close to the ultimate in comfort (and manage to look mildly cool at the same time) - as far as that goes, we could settle in for an evening of lounging even if they are facing a blank wall ... who needs television when you're that relaxed?


To be fair, if you knew the photographer was coming over, you could probably make a corner of your house look super-nice, even if it meant piling up all that clutter on top of your bed temporarily ...
Still, in our hearts we know that this is just one view of the near-perfect interior ... love it.

14 October 2009

mmmmm ....

Need somewhere to stash all your tiny things?  From bird and banner again ...

 ... too cool.

sweet coathangers

Just came across these totally nice hangers by Antonio Vitali on bird and banner ... as always, wood is good!  Almost enough to make you want to remove those wardrobe doors?

monday again ...

Since we have the shop open for biz on the Saturday and Sunday, the days most folk call Monday and Tuesday are our official 'weekend' ... meaning, of course, that Wednesday gets to carry all the stigma generally associated with Monday.

If it seems confusing to read, imagine living it!

We spent our weekend up at the farm - being amazed at the amount of rain still falling, and marvelling at the ever-rising levels in the dams, and at the kangaroos' ability to totally ignore the wet and cold.

Took some nice photos - will post a couple soon as the film's back from the chemist.

02 October 2009

more nordicity

Pity our Dutch is so rusty - can't work out too much about them, but PIET EIN EEK make super-duper cool stuff ...
... and

... oh, and

okay - enough already. Best you just gather your Euros together and take a look ... oh - they do have an English translation ... just got too hypnotized by their work to notice.

... up

Sure everybody's seen it by now - well, we finally went to see UP last night. Carl and Ellie - just about my new fave movie couple. And that Ellie was a pretty good decorator too.

more woodiness

I know ... seems like if it looks like a log we love it. True dat. If there's a way to bring the outside world into our little compartmentalized lives, we're up for it. Next week we might finally get a few days of quiet up at the farm - do a bit of kooky woodworking/tree-appropriation of our own.

We spotted this serious looking table on birdlette - a blog from Sweden jam packed with really beautiful images ... if we ever get sick of Melbourne (HOW could anybody?), I think a few years in the fjords might be a nice plan. Anyway, do visit birdlette for some heartwarming stuff ... oh, while you're out checking the blogs, go to fine little day - it's extra nice too.