28 August 2009

just like the Ramones said ...

Ahhh ... a break from woodgrain, but still keeping it natural.

This supercool bit of shelf-candy is a Rock Radio, designed by Guus Oosterbaan ... a man of ideas with plenty up his sleeve. Simple and clean - just 3 plugs at the back (speaker, antenna, power), and the cracks are deliberate - better reception.

As much as plastic has changed the world and given us plenty of fun stuff, we still say science+nature=joy.

06 August 2009

genius ... or too much free time?


This is pretty nuts - a wooden ipod mini, fully functional, made without glue.

Pls check out Josh D's flickr set for more photos - including the matching dock and i-trip transmitter.

Will wait for the ipod touch version - though the risk of splinters may deter some ...

digital radio ... whatever.

Okay - let's all just remember who our friends are.

Today was the big launch of digital radio with hype a'plenty - like any of us have a radio that will give us the cd quality sound
that digital can deliver. Don't get us wrong - we love a new gadget if it gives us something exciting. Still, nothing keeps the consumers consuming like a bit of forced obsilescence.

And our clock-radio isn't susceptible to any virus either ...
good luck world.

mo' log

There's nothing we love more than fallen timber, repurposed effectively.

We love these bowls we saw on sub-studio - it's a really nicely curated blog too. Go visit sometime for pretty pictures.