29 September 2011

tough times

Well then ...

After a few years of rampant and undisciplined chair collecting (we classify most of the collection as 'stock' to help us feel better), we have finally picked up our first 'proper' Featherston chairs ...

Sure, we have had plenty of his Aristoc pieces, which we love, and a few of the crazy 'numero' chairs in various forms, but never anything from the early 1950's 'Contour' range for which he is most well-known.

But this week ...

... a couple of super-cute D350 dining chairs have come into our lives.  So sweet and small, and more usable (to us) than the lounge chairs.  They need a lot of love, restoration and refreshing, but that's pretty much our favorite part of the job.

So here's the problem - from a purist's point of view, the chairs should be left in their original state - worn upholstery, scuffed timber, missing buttons - proper evidence of 60 years of life.  It may masquerade as respect, but there's a bit of cynical 'protect the re-sale value' in that attitude.  If they were oil paintings, I'd say leave them exactly as they are ... but we reckon commercially produced consumer goods should be maintained and refreshed to keep them living on.

But we want them to have a future as well as a past ... AND they do have to fit into the family up at the farm too!


So, yeah, one grey chair and one red one are going to look a bit out of place.  We want them to settle in and play-nice with everybody .... so the hunt is on for the perfect vinyl to freshen 'em up.  Promise they will be going to the most respectful and professional upholsterer we know.

We'll keep you posted.