31 December 2008

and so it begins ...

That's right ... in the Age newspaper just prior to Christmas ... the reporter seems to blame the young fellas who were injured ... hmmm ...

Don't look now, but perhaps the machines are running the media? And don't trust the traffic lights either, friend.

20 December 2008

rise of the machines

Say what you will about the growth of the freeway systems in Melbourne (we all have to work together to burn off whatever oil is left in this planet of ours), they have given us all an opportunity to drive through areas we may not have seen before.

We suspect that these guys have been secretly meeting behind their once-secluded warehouse for years, plotting the demise of we pesky humans ("they look like ants from up here!"). Thankfully Eastlink has exposed their lair. If you see a cherrypicker rolling down your street, or pretending to be helping with cable-installation, think sabotage - it's them or us!

Can't afford to be complacent - the machines are talking to each other.

19 December 2008

'tis the season

Well - it's that frickin' magical time of year again ... oh to be a Buddhist!

Spare a thought for those less fortunate - poor Santa has a heck of a week ahead of him, and the elves are all freaking out as exchange rate fluctuations play havoc with their costings ...

Anyway, hope it's better than sub-prime for you - we're doing our best to ignore the whole thing. A big Bah Humbug to all.

06 December 2008

enter the dragonfly

are they a portent of something? are they good luck? are they just really big bugs?

we see plenty of dragonflies in china, but melbourne is getting more tropical these days, and the big, lucky, portentous bugs are surprising you when you least expect 'em.

misrepresentation in packaging

after reading in the paper news of 3 mexicans arrested in mentone on monday over 65 kilos of unauthorized cocaine they had, we were a little alarmed to receive this package in the mail this week.
it turned out the contents of the box were all above board, but you have to wonder ... guess surveillance were looking the other way.

03 December 2008

crazy sounds

we were lucky enough to come into possession of a fantastic record yesterday - inner space by sven libaek - the totally captivating score to ron + valerie taylor's 1973 tv series (inner space, that is). the disc is a reissue from votary - a local imprint who are reviving some amazing and obscure australian jazz and soundtrack music from the 60's and 70's. they sell cd's as well as limited pressings of vinyl - which suits us fine, as we don't have a cd player. we popped onto their website, and, having seen the votarydisk catalog, suspect we are on the way to addiction. so, yeah, highly recommend a listen if you get the chance, and if you're 'round knowyourproduct anytime soon then the opportunity will most likely arise ...