06 May 2011

woody clocks

Love fake woodgrain, love clocks ... some selections from our collection ...
 The classic nasty plastic cuckoo ...

 Traditional Smiths wood-face ... dad had one of these on his office wall in the '70's, and we've managed to pick up a couple over the years.

 Our Junghans, with what appears to be woodgrain con-tact for decoration ...

This is one we received from Sweden - originally it was electric, but a bit temperamental - new works, new hands, good as gold now.

Of course, no collection of woody clocks feels right without a few plastic woodgrain animals on the walls around them ... we have a few deer-head barometers, but our cow-head with cow-bells (souvenir of Salzburg, no less) is extra-special.
Her (his?) face is flock-coated for extra realism (despite the scale suggesting that the beast may have been the size of a chihuahua at time of mounting).  Good kitsch.

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