30 March 2011

anyone for basketball?

A few years ago we picked up a couple of panels of reclaimed/salvaged basketball court flooring ... it was back in the days of newspaper classifieds (pre-ebay), so guess that dates them to the '90's?  Back then I was driving a 1971 Kombi van, so the limited carrying capacity meant we could only buy 2 panels (that and the fact thet they weigh nearly 100kg each, so they're not super-easy to cart around.

At the time it seemed like a good idea - over the ensuing years they have acted like they were just symptoms of a bad hoarding habit, hiding under a tarpaulin, waiting.  They look a little scruffy now, but with a little love they will be very nice, for sure.

Finally steeled ourselves and carted them up to the farm this week.  After the strain of lifting them in and out of the van, we decided to put wheels onto the undersides ...

So our mission over the next few weeks is to give them a light sanding and a bit of a varnish - get them looking as good as they should.  Won't remove the coloured lines, of course.  You have to have boundaries, yeah?

Once they're done we'll have a nice surface to photograph some of our gorgeous new Scandinavian furniture on ... stay tuned.

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