30 August 2012

pebble patch ...

So Cath found a guy on ebay selling river pebbles in bulk, and our shop-front garden was looking a little thin, so she bought a vast number of bags after negotiating a very reasonable delivery fee.
After watching the huge pile disappear very quickly as it was spread over our modest little rockery area, we realized we needed more.  A quick burst of re-ordering (this time it was 'as many as you can fit in your trailer, please') sorted the issue out.  And the spares are now serving as a compact micro-climate at the farm ... not the huge 'cactus-zone' we were envisaging, but a good start ...

Will keep you posted as landscaping season progresses - we have a big rock-strewn paddock, a wheelbarrow and a plan ... just gotta get a little motivated.

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