04 August 2012


In between all of the other fun over the last few weeks, we have been chipping away at the mayhem of the garage behind the shop - years of weak-willed "see it - love it - buy it - stash it" has pretty much filled it up with a 3D to-do list.  AND what the heck are we thinking - it's a big floor-space that should be displaying more stock ... and being a restoration workroom ... and not being a cluttered stack of would-be gold.

Well - now we have to get serious ...

That's right, after nearly 12 months of sourcing and hunting, our amazing friend in Sweden (thanks, as always Craig) has shut the doors on OUR NEXT SHIPMENT!  Uh-oh.  It's on the water, and due to arrive here in 2 or 3 weeks!  We need to make space (ie - sell some stock and clear some floor - come to the website or our ebay store - make us an offer ... buy in bulk if you like!) so we have a spot for a fresh batch of amazing rarities from the chilly north.

A little taster of the next shipment?  Oh, alright then ...

Some very special chairs, amazing lounges, vintage hi-fi and some really, really lovely ceramics and glass coming soon ...

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