16 March 2012

such sweet sorrow, again.

As usual we face the toughest aspect of dealing in vintage furniture - parting with things we love.  Our policy has always been to only stock things we want to keep, but it does make it tough.

This time it's a pair of sofas and matching tiered coffee table by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard Nielsen.  We have had this set stashed away for almost a year now, just totally unable to share it with the world.  The big danger, of course, has always been that somebody would want to buy them - then we wouldn't have them any more - what a bind!

Worst of all, the upholstery is the perfect colour for our place.  Seems like the more we spend on acquiring a piece, the less inclined we are to let it go ... perhaps we were born to be collectors rather than dealers ... if only we had unlimited funds and a similarly sized place.

We had another Hvidt sofa in-store about 2 years ago - we were happy to learn that it's buyer has since started collecting his designs to keep it company!

Anyway - fantastic and beautiful 'Minerva' lounge suite circa 1957 is listed on our website, and available for purchase - unless we change our minds!

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