29 March 2012

oh, Bruno ...

After a year or so of enjoying the company of our Bruno Mathsson Pernilla chair (as anticipated on the blog a while back), we thought it was high time she had some company.  About a year ago we got a rare example of the Pernilla 3-seater sofa ... and it has only taken us 12 months to source the screws needed to assemble it.

Is it the craziest sofa you've ever seen?  Seats 3 in amazing comfort (but not so great to lie down across - think Bruno designed a day-bed for that purpose).  Just steamed birch and cotton canvas, good old Swedish sparrtan post-war design and manufacture.  Anyway - we love it, and won't be leaving it outside.

Just need to find some suitable fabric to make some new headrests now ... keep you posted.

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