09 October 2011

mmmm, dark ...

As a 'look' for the interiors of our place, we have been leaning towards the lighter end of the spectrum. 
The main walls are pale mud (mud-bricks made from the clay out of the dam), and this summer we plan to make time to paint out the rest of the place in white.  Most of our furniture is teak, with a mix of olive-greens for upholstery and the ceramics and bits'n'pieces we're collecting up.  We have gradually been stashing away a bunch of chairs in beech and maple timbers to brighten up the front room - which will hopefully give us a pretty breezy feel.
But, gee, seeing this interior makes you think ...

A country house in Nordsjælland, Denmark, the styling is pretty amazing - a timeless sort of 'lodge' look.

You should take a look - the place is pretty nice.  The photos (by Birgitta W. Drejer) are from VartNyaHem, via MyScandinavianRetreat.  We'd live there if we had to ...

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