20 October 2011

cabinet craziness ...

Sideboards are always pretty popular in the shop - seem to be the 'must-have' interior item of this end of the 21st century ... perhaps even more than those repro eiffel-base Eames shell chairs the real-estate agents insist on including in every house photo you see.
This past week we have had a stream (or at least a few) people asking if we had any more tucked away in storage (sideboards, not repro Eames chairs).  Good motivation to dig deep into the shed and take some photos.  Now we just wish we had a few more lounge-rooms so we could fit a few more in at home.

And that's the ones we could get to!
So - if you're looking for something really nice in the way of Scandinavian made vintage storage, please pop by the website or contact us and get us motivated to move 'em on!

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