14 July 2011

Or maybe we'll just move to Palm Springs ...

Sure, every decent town has it's enclaves of nice modernist architecture ... driving through parts of Kew, the back-blocks of Toorak, or the side-streets of Beaumaris reassure us that Melbourne was well-blessed during the 60's. 
But Palm Springs!
That combination of Hollywood dollars, mega-star extroverted reclusiveness, and the future-inspired architects working out of California in the mid 20th Century made for a pretty cool little area.
These are pics of William Krisel's work - haven't seen much of it, but it looks kind of nice.
From an interview Krisel gave to Dwell magazine a few years back -
My ideal project is a tough challenge with a minimum budget and lots of conditions to be met. I like doing houses with a minimal square footage that have all the comforts of an expensive place; budgets and costs aren’t criteria for doing good design. Design is design, and it has nothing to do with dollars and cents.

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