02 June 2011

trying to be strong ...

Saw a photo of a crazy and beautiful phone at that 224 collectibles auction in Sydney a couple of months back.  Never seen one before, and had been comfortable in the knowledge that we never would again ...

Then this one showed up on ebay this week.
It's in the UK, and would probably take some expert work to convert to work on Aussie phone-lines ... but still ...

Seriously - it's got to be one of the maddest telephones ever designed - 'Bobo' by Telcer, Italy.  And in green, dammit!
Being realistic, I don't think we can justify it - it's 180pounds plus another 30 or so for shipping - even the maddest collectors have to have limits, don't they?

Torture ... if you see one for a more reachable price, please let us know!

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