09 April 2010

position vacant

Just heard the news of the passing of Mr Malcolm McLaren this morning, at 64 years of age.
Probably best known for his fashion collaboration with Vivienne Westwood in the early 70's via their stores 'SEX' and 'Let It Rock', and his subsequent engineering ot the punk movement in London, he was an archetypical music entrepreneur.
I was a late arrival to (but big fan of) the Sex Pistols, and the aesthetic McLaren gave them ... but I have to say that the work I loved the most (and played to death - sorry mum and dad) was his fusion of B-Boy hip hop and world beats, the fantastic Duck Rock album.
A totally kooky and cool collection of music ('Buffalo Gals', 'Double Dutch', 'Soweto'), it's a record we still play in the store now ...and as for his appropriation of Haring's NY street art style ...

Though he hasn't had too much relevance for you genX and genY kids, he gave us older folk a lot of joy during the 70's and 80's ... might be a nice time to look up some his past work ...

Thanks Malcolm ... it may not all have been art, but it was a lotta fun!

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