08 January 2010

another new year's resolution out the window ...

Well, here we all are - new year, new decade.  Hope yours has started out well ...

This was to be the year when we got our furniture collecting under control. 
We know it makes sense - if you collect swapcards you can go nuts and accumulate - always room for a few more - but if you have a weakness for chairs, a little self-discipline is called for.

We started the year well - were out of town for the first 4 days, and nowhere near opportunity.  Tragically, the next 3 days made up for it somewhat.  A quick mental inventory shows that we have picked up 34 new chairs between the 5th and 8th of January!
Naturally, we did need all of them - a set of Fler SC55 armchairs (see above) - just can't deny their beauty ... 5 very old Fler LC chairs, dating back to the early 50's (below) ... and then the usual assorted mid century dining chairs and stools.

So I guess the plan for 2010 is to build a very big extra room at the farm and give these guys a good home.  In the meantime, you are most welcome to sample their delights down at PRODUCT - they are in-store and available - unless we get too attached and sneak them off to the stash!

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