16 July 2009

ipods are okay, but ...

Came across a snippet about this KLH 20+ stereo in the mid-century modernist's archives ... belongs to stewf. We just love the depth of design that went into hi-fi in the 60's and 70's ... all fell apart when clean matte black washed in in the 80's.

The usual (and ever-reliable) Garrard turntable, landscape mounted speakers ... and awesome stem bases - oh yeah! If anybody has one of these they don't want, give us a call, eh?

Sadly, unless we decide to become record-player 'collectors', we have to hold back. So we have a couple of vintage PYE players in our lives, and have to live with the idea of selling any others that we are lucky enough to have pass thru our lives ... will have to take some pics to share.

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